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Christmas Cheer

Posted by Media Relations on Saturday, December 23rd, 2006 - Comments »

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…….. Ever wonder why?

I’m the first to say that I love Christmas and it is truly a magical time. I love decorating the tree and singing along to Christmas carols and songs. I love the jingling of bells and the multi-colored lights adorning people’s houses. I love the “mood” of Christmas. By “mood”, I mean the uplifting feel-good atmosphere that accompanies the holidays. For me, it’s all sensory – music, smells, decorations, the feel of snow on my cheek and the taste of sugar cookies.

What builds this sensory experience? The Media, of course.
When our hearts fill with warmth while watching a performance of White Christmas…….
When we hum along to “Last Christmas” and announce “I love this song!”
When we go shopping for our tree and think it’s like something out of a movie……..

I may be a sucker for the Media’s portrayal of Christmas, but I love it.

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