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Choosing a High Tech PR Firm

Posted by Media Relations on Sunday, April 2nd, 2006 - Comments »

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make in choosing a Public Relations firm is not taking the time beforehand to pin point exactly why they want to engage in a PR program.

Many of my own clients have said that they want to gain media coverage and the increased brand visibility associated with it, but oftentimes, measuring the success of the program is not top of mind.

I believe that all PR programs should be measured on results. A client may have appeared 20 times in CIO magazine but without a formal measurement strategy in place, there is no way to judge what those 20 pickups mean for the business’ bottomline.

When choosing a PR firm, look for a company that encourages you to measure results and one that actively tracks the impact of media coverage on lead generation and sales.

A results-orientated PR firm will be very focused on your company’s main business objectives, position and key messages. By setting goals and determining a strategy upfront, all parties are clear about why the PR program is in place and what everyone would like to achieve.

Finally, with the growth of online marketing, I would definitely recommend choosing a firm with cross silo capabilities. Traditional PR can be greatly enhanced and result measurement increased by integrating online marketing tactics such as search engine optimization, email campaigns and landing pages.

When all is said and done, you should be confident about your public relations firm’s creative abilities. I firmly believe that we are living in an age where staying on top of innovation and being creative with marketing tactics are the keys to success.

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