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Blogging Systems Group Empowers Real Estate Associations to Engage and Market Member Agents via Blogging

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Through content creation and management, social networking, user management, syndication and more, Blogging Systems helps Real Estate Associations expand their reach into key audiencesPrinceton Junction, NJ — June 15, – Blogging Systems Group, the leading blog technology provider, helps real estate associations improve their communication and collaboration with members and provide their members with new marketing tools.”The Internet is fragmenting the delivery of media, marketing and communication making it more difficult for associations to get their message out to stakeholders,” said Richard Nacht, Founder of Blogging Systems. “Blogs and social media are the newest and most effective communication medium allowing associations to connect to their target market in a new way.”Blogs provide a low-cost, high-results tool for association collaboration, community building, competitive differentiation, marketing, sales and customer relations management (CRM). They have a uniquely effective track record for results as they can put a human face on business leaders, products, services, and other issues which enhance the value of the association.Recommended Blog Solutions for Associations include:

  • Staff, Officer, Committee and Member Intranet Blogs

Leading Social Media Consultants, Nacht&Chaney, Enable New Client to Spread His Word on Avoiding Failure in Business Ventures

Monday, June 11th, 2007

As more and more companies experience failures, social media experts Nacht & Chaney enable John L. Herman Jr. to disseminate his work sharing how to avoid business pitfalls.

Princeton Junction, NJ — June 11, 2007 — Nacht and Chaney Social Media Consulting, a communication, collaboration and Internet marketing consulting firm, sign on John L. Herman Jr., author of Hermanisms and The Innkeeper Tales and self-proclaimed “business failure expert,” as a new client to help spread the word of how to avoid failure in business ventures.

“The internet is fragmenting the delivery of media, marketing and communication,” said Richard Nacht, Partner in Nacht & Chaney Social Media Consulting. “Existing legacy channels are not engaging readers, prospects, consumers, employees and customers with the same efficiency as new methods. Consumers are increasingly tuning out traditional advertising and are turning to new communication channels to fill the void.”

Nacht & Chaney’s experience in social media plays a crucial role to help extend clients’ messages since social media components are the newest and perhaps most effective tools for influencing the development of communications and marketing strategies. Tools they use to spawn a business phenomenon include:

  • Wikis
  • Media, Consumer, Marketing and Personal Blogs

Blogging Systems Group, Leader in Community Blog Technology, Announces New 3-in-1 Product Combining 3 Blog Platforms into Comprehensive Social Blog Network

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Social Blog Network, powered by Blogging Systems’ technology, positions Broker-Owner/Realtors to become local thought leader.Princeton Junction, NJ — May 23, 2007 — — Blogging Systems Group, the leader in community blog technology, has developed a 3-in-1 blog platform for one-stop blog shopping.The Blogging Systems 3-in-1 Product integrates three of its blogging platforms including a Company Blog, Company Intranet Blog and Community Blog for the same price as one of the previous platforms.”The new 3-in-1 product is a state of the art Internet real estate marketing tool that puts the Realtor’s company in front of thousands of website visitors each month positioning him/her as the provider of information vital to the community,” said Richard Nacht, founder and CEO of Blogging Systems.Included in the 3-in-1 Social Blog Network are features such as the following, all branded with the sponsoring Broker/Realtor’s company information:–Up to 100 blogs–Forums–Wikis–Agent Profiles–Photo albums–VideoThe integration of the 3 products enables real estate brokers and agents to communicate directly and personally with customers and website visitors. Each broker/agent has the ability to:–Demonstrate expertise and knowledge of community and real estate industry–List featured properties–Post local and neighborhood news–Create blogs for each client to serve as an online portfolio–Create individual web pages for each home listing–Provide RSS and email subscriptions for new home listings–Create podcasts for specific homesAdditionally, the combination of products doubles as a tool for team collaboration, project management and knowledge transfer within the organization.To learn more about the 3-in-1 blog, read the new Blogging Systems whitepaper: Blogging Systems GroupBlogging Systems provides real estate blog platforms that produce a low-cost, high results tool for Community networking (both offline and on the internet), effective communication and collaboration, competitive marketing, sales and customer relations.Blogging Systems provides turn-key blog networks which are the ultimate real estate marketing tool. Ours is a “soup to nuts” approach with experienced blog professionals who guide clients through the process step-by-step. Not only do we provide the most robust real estate blog platform on the market today, we back it up with training and technical support. Clients receive a turn-key system and the training and knowledge needed to use it as a complete real estate marketing system.For more information about how to add a blog to your real estate marketing tools, visit: or call: 800-985-BLOG (800-985-2564).

National Arbitration Forum Issues Three Decisions on Internet Domain Name Disputes

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Trademarks: Disney, Jimmy Buffett and Angels Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 23, 2007 — — The National Arbitration Forum recently issued decisions on three separate domain name disputes filed by Disney, Jimmy Buffett and Angels Baseball.”We continue to see a trend towards filing complaints under the UDRP, rather than lawsuits, for these Internet conflicts,” said Kristine Dorrain, Internet Legal Counsel of the National Arbitration Forum. “We’re on the way to surpassing last year’s record-breaking domain name filings.” In 2006, the National Arbitration Forum saw its largest filing year ever, marking a 21% increase over 2005.The following three decisions were made in accordance with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) by independent and neutral arbitrators on the National Arbitration Forum’s panel.DisneyComics.comOne of the world’s largest entertainment corporations, Disney Enterprises, Inc., submitted a complaint electronically on February 15, 2007. The National Arbitration Forum panel found that the domain name was being cybersquatted by Dayanand Kamble of India who used the website to offer advertising links and products, some related to Disney’s trademarks.The panel found that the domain name was confusingly similar to the DISNEY mark. In addition, the respondent used the website for commercial gain and therefore had no legitimate rights in it. Furthermore, was registered and being used in bad faith by the respondent who took advantage of the confusing similarity between the disputed domain name and Disney’s famous mark. Because the complainant proved all three elements required of the ICANN Policy, the request to transfer to Disney Enterprises, Inc. was granted on March 27, 2007.JimmyBuffettUniversity.comOn February 22, 2007, Margaritaville Enterprises, LLC, controlled by popular singer Jimmy Buffett, submitted a complaint electronically with the National Arbitration Forum asserting legal rights to the domain names,, and panel concluded that the Jimmy Buffett-themed domain names were identical or confusingly similar to the registered trademark JIMMY BUFFETT. Furthermore, the respondent and registered owner Whapp Innovations, Inc. was using the domain names to operate pay-per-click websites and thusly for commercial gain. It was clear to the panel that the respondent had no rights or legitimate interests in the domain names and had registered and used them in bad faith. On April 2, 2007, the panel found that the complainant had established all three elements required under the ICANN Policy and had defended successfully its trademark in domain name dispute resolution. The four domain names were ordered to be transferred to Jimmy Buffett.Angels.comOn February 26, 2007, the Los Angeles Major League Baseball team, Angels Baseball, filed a complaint electronically with the National Arbitration Forum against Lee Dongyeon, the registered owner of The respondent, of Korea, requested the dispute be decided by a three-member panel.The panel found that was identical to the complainant’s ANGELS trademark. However, it was found that the Respondent had registered the ANGELS mark in Korea without any opposition from the American baseball team. Because the respondent has trademark rights in the domain name, Angels Baseball failed to prove this element. Finally, the panel found that the respondent may not have known of complainant and therefore did not register in bad faith. Although the baseball team uses ANGELS as a trademark, it failed to prove two of three elements required under the ICANN policy to transfer a domain name. The panel denied the transfer of to Angels Baseball on May 14, 2007.About the National Arbitration ForumThe National Arbitration Forum, an industry leader in arbitration and mediation services for over 20 years, is an expert in the resolution of Internet-based disputes. An innovator in the industry, the National Arbitration Forum serves as one of three primary providers of the ICANN domain name dispute resolution program, resolving issues involving disputed trademarks. Over 8,000 intellectual property cases have been filed through the National Arbitration Forum’s state-of-the-art case management system. For more information, visit more information:Domain Name Dispute ResolutionFact SheetSearchable Case Database Disney Enterprises, Inc. v. Dayanand Kamble DecisionMargaritaville Enterprise, LLC v. Whapp Innovations DecisionAngels Baseball, L.P. v. Lee Dongyeon Decision# # #

Outsell LLC Takes an In-Depth Look at Automotive Customer Preferences with Its Fourth Installment of the iBase Series

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Internet auto sales and marketing firm Outsell, LLC releases the fourth installment in a series of iBase research studies into consumer car purchasing habits.Minneapolis, MN — May 3, 2007 — — Outsell LLC, the fastest growing Internet auto sales and marketing company in America, has released the last results in its series of iBase research studies on consumer car purchasing habits — “What Consumers Want from YOU”.The fourth study in this series focuses on customers major pain-points in the vehicle purchase process and the effect of gender differences on automotive consumer attitudes. The study uses these variables to determine what factors are the keys to automotive sales.The Insight study indicated that consumers felt greater price transparency, a low-pressure shopping environment, full disclosure of vehicle information and good overall customer service throughout the purchase process are the keys to a great experience.”The consumer responses in iBase Insight 4 make it clear that there is considerable strategic value in applying these types of insights to the way dealerships handle what is probably the largest purchase consumers ever make,” said Mike Wethington, CEO of Outsell LLC. “The intelligence from the consumer analysis allows Outsell to help its clients determine how to address a customer’s unique needs and provide more targeted customer service. Our most successful dealer clients are the ones who are able to employ techniques that meet their customer’s needs effectively.”In fact, the study shows that 51.8% of consumers are willing to pay between $100 – $500 more for a vehicle in order to receive excellent customer service and a quick transaction at the dealership.Outsell’s latest Insight also reveals some interesting differences between men and women’s needs in the purchase process. For example, the study shows that men are more concerned about the specific model of the car whereas women are more concerned about financing options.”Ultimately, creating a satisfied consumer depends in large part on the dealer’s ability to deliver a vehicle purchase and ownership experience that exceeds the expectations of the customer,” said Wethington. “Outsell’s marketing research analysis and consumer profile work allows automotive leaders to go beyond conventionally accepted target marketing strategies to capitalize on new segment opportunities and existing automotive market potential.”Read the fourth iBase Insight “What Consumers Want from YOU”.About Outsell LLCOutsell ( is a leader in Internet Auto Sales targeting auto dealers who want to significantly increase car and fixed operations sales via the Internet.Via its Internet Auto Sales Machine, Outsell is able to:

Blogging Systems’Career Connection Secures Leading Talent Acquisition Partnerships, Establishes Customer Advisory Program

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Advisory program allows Fortune 1000 companies to be first in sponsoring career connection sites.Princeton Junction, NJ — April 19, 2007 — – Blogging Systems’ Career Connection has secured leading-industry partnerships to help form its Customer Advisory Program.The Customer Advisory Program, from Blogging Systems’ Career Connection, offers Fortune 1000 companies the opportunity to become exclusive sponsors to over 50+ Career Connection Sites.Career Connection is an online, customized career community that gives companies a personal voice on the web and an avenue with which to communicate with tough-to-reach talent.”A key to Career Connection’s future success is to partner with leaders in the human capital space,” said Steve Amsden, VP Blogging Systems’ Career Connection. “We are focusing on developing partnerships with world class Talent Acquisition companies ranging from Recruitment Advertising Agencies, Consulting Firms to Recruitment Process Outsourcers who are thought leaders in the industry and help our clients build relationships with a passive talent pool.”Each Career Connection Site is built with the goal of being a top destination on the web that will become a robust talent community for professionals to network and advance their career.Andrew Gadomski, Founder and Chief Advisor of Aspen Search Advisors states, “As a consulting firm solely focused on improving our clients’ recruiting strategies, our job is to facilitate the use of best-in-class processes and advanced technologies to enhance the talent acquisition process. Powerful second generation web-based tools like Career Connection offer our clients a strategic advantage in the competition for talent, enabling them to build their employer brand and interact with candidates more productively than ever.”The Clinical Trials Career Connection Site sponsored by Boston Scientific was the first Career Connection site to go live: Bandera, Manager of Sourcing and Brand, at Boston Scientific states, “Our goal is to be viewed as the leader in the marketplace by Clinical Trials Professionals. As the exclusive sponsor of the Clinical Trials Career Connection, we will be able to assist with professional networking, adding value in furthering their clinical knowledge and advancing their career. It gives us a competitive edge to build relationships with a community of talented individuals.”Over the next two months Blogging Systems is meeting with Fortune 1000 companies that want to be the exclusive sponsor for one of the 50+ Career Connection Sites specific to 12 industries..If you want to learn more about Blogging Systems’ Career Connection Customer Advisory Program or becoming a strategic partner, please visit: Blogging Systems GroupBlogging Systems Group provides real estate blog platforms that produce a low-cost, high results tool for Community networking (both offline and on the internet), effective communication and collaboration, competitive marketing, sales and customer relations.Blogging Systems provides turn-key blog networks which are the ultimate real estate marketing tool. Ours is a “soup to nuts” approach with experienced blog professionals who guide clients through the process step-by-step. Not only do we provide the most robust real estate blog platform on the market today, we back it up with training and technical support. Clients receive a turn-key system and the training and knowledge needed to use it as a complete real estate marketing system.For more information about how to add a blog to your real estate marketing tools, visit: or call: 800-985-BLOG (800-985-2564).

DDL Adds Package Design, Development&Prototyping to Service Offerings

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Minneapolis, MN, April 12, 2007 – – DDL, a leading package, product and material testing services laboratory, has expanded both its Minnesota-based testing facility and its menu of service offerings.DDL is now able to provide Package Design, Development & Prototyping Services, designed to help manufacturers and package engineers design packaging that will satisfy industry requirements and successfully pass package testing and validation procedures.“We feel that there is definitely a market for prototyping services,” said John Hart, CEO of DDL Inc. “Packaging often fails testing procedures because it isn’t properly developed in the design and prototyping stages.”Package Development & Prototyping Services from DDL include:• Package design & consultation• Primary, secondary and shipping unit packaging• Rapid package prototyping• Small volume production• Project management• Regulatory compliance & feasibility testing• Gap analyses for compliance to ISO 11607• Environmental conditioning• Cold chain packaging support• Altitude testing“By offering comprehensive package development & prototyping services, DDL hopes to minimize the need for re-testing and help customers deliver their products to market on time,” said Patrick Nolan, COO of DDL Inc. “Combining package design, prototyping, development and testing services reduces the risk of packaging failing to meet industry requirements.”More information on DDL’s new Package Development & Prototyping services is available at: DDL Inc.DDL offers expert package testing, product testing and material testing services including shock testing, vibration testing, tensile testing, leak testing and validation. DDL package testing clients find value through its growing suite of PackServices: PackAdvice, a package testing consulting service, and PackReview, a DDL approved certification to demonstrate compliance with ISO 11607 (clause 6). DDL Testing Services maintains full service testing labs in Minnesota and California.

Evolving Solutions Competes for “Best IBM System x™ Solution” Title

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Minneapolis, MN, April 11, 2007 – – Evolving Solutions, a leading storage consolidation and server virtualization provider, is proud to have been named a finalist in the upcoming IBM Beacon Awards.Evolving Solutions, who won the 2006 Beacon Award for the “Best IBM TotalStorage® On Demand Solution,” is this year competing in the “Best IBM System x™ Solution” category.“It’s an honor to be named a finalist in the IBM Beacon Awards,” said Jaime Gmach, President & CEO of Evolving Solutions. “There is nothing more prestigious than being recognized by IBM, the true leader in this industry.”Evolving Solutions was named a finalist based on its “High Performance SQL Database Environment Solution” that was designed for a technology services provider that serves the airline industry.The “High Performance SQL Database Environment Solution” enabled Evolving Solutions’ customer to cut system configuration times, lower software costs and increase CPU response times.One year into the engagement, Evolving Solutions has helped its customer level costs for its database layer while providing substantial scalability moving forward.“The High Performance SQL Database Environment Solutions was nominated for an IBM Beacon Award because of its successful use of high-end Intel System x servers,” said John Gilmore, Sales Manager at Evolving Solutions. “The customer was highly impressed with the deployment because it outperformed all other previous systems and enabled them to substantially increase their sales.”Winners of the 2007 IBM Beacon Awards will be announced on April 30, 2007 at the IBM PartnerWorld Conference in St. Louis.For more information on Evolving Solutions’ nominated solution, read the System x case study at: Evolving SolutionsEvolving Solutions is an open systems technology integration firm that provides business solutions for Storage Consolidation, Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, Tivoli Storage Manager and Disaster Recovery Solutions. Evolving Solutions is an IBM Premier Business Partner with a Business Partner Innovation Center (BPIC). For more information about Evolving Solutions, call 800-294-4362 or visit their website at .

Outsell LLC Releases 3rd iBase Insight Into Consumer Car Buying Habits

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Study Finds Speed to be Critical to Consumer Purchase IntentInternet auto sales and marketing firm, Outsell, releases the third installment in a series of iBase research studies into consumer car purchasing habits.Minneapolis, MN, March 29, 2007 – Outsell LLC, the fastest growing Internet auto sales and marketing company in America, has released the latest results in its series of iBase research studies on consumer car purchasing habits – “The Importance of Speed.”The third study in this series reveals that the speed of a dealer’s response to consumer requests plays a crucial role in a consumer’s initial perception of a dealership. 91% of car buyers will search for a vehicle online, and 80% will submit a request for more information via phone or email to multiple dealers before visiting the physical dealership. Since consumers contact multiple dealerships during their search, the initial perception of a dealership is extremely important.“In today’s “data on-demand” climate, it’s all about who can provide consumers with the fastest response to their information requests,” said Mike Wethington, CEO of Outsell LLC. “Dealers who stall in responding to these requests are missing out on a lot of business.”Outsell’s recent iBase Insight not only reveals that consumer interest in purchasing a vehicle from a dealership rapidly decreases if the dealer does not respond to an information request in a timely fashion, but also finds that time spent at the physical dealership is a key consideration for car buyers- 90% of consumers would prefer to complete their shopping experience at the dealership in 2 hours or less.“Offering a fast and efficient purchasing process affects the likelihood of a consumer returning to the dealership,” said Wethington. “Knowledgeable floor sales staff, transparent pricing and good overall customer service is the key to not only ensuring a single purchase, but also encouraging future purchases and advocacy from the customer.”Read the third iBase Insight “The Importance of Speed” fourth and final installment in this series – “Holistic Customer Service: Engaging the Consumer & Closing the Sale” – will be released in April 2007.About OutsellOutsell ( is a leader in Internet Auto Sales targeting auto dealers who want to significantly increase car and fixed operations sales via the Internet.Via its Total Internet Solution, Outsell is able to:• Attract customers through automotive search engine marketing and interactive email marketing• Engage prospects with live automotive chat• Develop opportunities and appointments that lead to cars sold via its Internet Business Development Center (BDC) service• Grow customer relationships from one car buy to an ongoing profitable customer relationship, by providing online information and real time communication throughout the customer lifecycle.As the fastest growing Internet auto sales company, Outsell is a fire-breathing, tire-squealing Internet auto sales machine — Results. Guaranteed.

Social Media Consulting Firm—Founded by Internet Marketing Thought Leaders—Helps Companies Leverage the Power of the Consumer-Driven Internet

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Richard Nacht & Paul Chaney, well-known for making blogs accessible, start a new venture to help organizations leverage Web 2.0 tools effectively.Princeton Junction, NJ — March 22, 2007 — Richard Nacht and Paul Chaney, founder and VP of Marketing for Blogging Systems respectively, are collaborating in a new way to help organizations learn how to engage and benefit from the consumer-driven Internet.”Organizations who do not realize the potential of Internet Marketing and leverage Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, social networks and podcasts are dramatically reducing the impact they can have on their target market,” said Richard Nacht.In a recent study of online users,–100% use email–88% use text messaging and SMS–71% use message boards and forums–63% use blogs–36% use podcasting–28% subscribe to RSS feeds”The Internet has given consumers a platform from which to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions about companies, products and brands,” said Paul Chaney. “Increasingly, the consumer is in control. People are talking. Other people are listening. We teach companies how to listen as well and use the feedback to adapt the current marketing strategy.”Nacht and Chaney will teach organizations how to acknowledge the new way of communicating with prospects, which includes:–Learning how to speak the consumer’s language–Exploiting market niches using blogs, social networks and RSS–Improving targeting, achieve relevance and minimizing waste in advertising–Establishing the cornerstones of marketing as authenticity and transparencyNacht and Chaney’s social media consulting approach demands that organizations begin by listening to what consumers are saying, respond to what has been said, reach out via communications and engage with consumers leveraging Web 2.0 tools.”The Internet has evolved into small communities with increasing interaction and authority,” said Nacht. “It’s no longer a company to consumer driven world, in fact it’s the exact opposite. Consumers have control and companies need to listen.”About Richard NachtRichard Nacht is the founder and CEO of Blogging Systems. Richard has over twenty years in the real estate, finance and technology development industries. Richard has focused his talents on creating e-commerce strategies aimed at producing technologies that benefit the consumer and businesses.Richard founded one of the first online lending platforms in the late 1990s and took the operation from its original online birth to successful acquisition by a national lender in 2003. Richard then leveraged his online consumer and business to business marketing experience by founding Blogging Systems.Richard has led Blogging Systems as the leader in the rapidly growing area of corporate blogging by delivering a blogging platform that produces a low-cost, high results tool for effective communication and collaboration, competitive marketing, sales, and customer relations.About Paul ChaneyPaul Chaney is the Vice President of Marketing for Blogging Systems. Paul has been a business blog consultant for the past three years and is widely known and respected in that field. He understands at a granular level how blogs can be used as a tool for marketing communications and has worked with a number of clients assisting them in deploying a blog marketing strategy.With more than seven years of online marketing experience, Paul has become a leading proponent of using blogs as business marketing and communications tools.Paul has served as Technical Editor on a number of For Dummies series books related to blogs and Internet marketing, and was contributing writer on Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies, published by Wiley.

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