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Voicethread Introduces Group Audio Blogging (GAB) to the Internet

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Boca Raton, FL, March 8, 2007 –, a website that captures the voices that surround shared media, is introducing Group Audio Blogging (GAB) to the Internet.Voicethread is enabling users to create “voicebooks” much the same way a blogger would create a post or a page on a social networking site. While a blog is mostly written, a voicebook gives the distinct benefit of recorded group conversation.“We’ve taken the ‘instant’ out of Instant Messaging, and replaced it with the voices that surround evocative media,” said Steve Muth, Co-Founder of Voicethread. “Text is wonderful, but a human voice has an undeniable power.”Group Audio Blogging adds audio to an arena that has been heavily text focused up until this point. Bloggers can easily add a voicebook to their blog and encourage an audio debate among readers.Voicebooks are in no way limited to blogs and can be used by all Internet users for an array of purposes, from personal stories to educational projects and marketing tools.• Students can record their friends’ voices in an audio yearbook• MySpace users can enhance their profiles and use voicebooks to leave recorded messages for their friends• Service men and women deployed abroad can read a bed-time story to their children“Voicebooks transform any image into a discussion that can be shared not only over the Web, but over time. Like a Tivo for voice conversations, you can contribute whenever you want,” said Ben Papell, Co-Founder of “The conversations are more thoughtful, they can be saved forever, and they’re easily shared.”Find out more about Group Audio Blogging and create your own voicebook today at www.voicethread.comAbout is the pioneer of Group Audio Blogging (GAB), striving to bring casual group audio into the blogosphere and the social networking arena. Voicethread allows Internet users to create “voicebooks” which can be added to blogs, social networking websites and personal websites or hosted free of charge on Voicebooks can also be leveraged for marketing and educational purposes, just to name a few. More information on Group Audio Blogging is available at

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