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National Arbitration Forum Releases 2008 Domain Name Dispute Resolution Program Totals

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS, MN March 12, 2009——The National Arbitration Forum, an international provider of arbitration services, today announced that a total of 1,770 cases were filed in its domain name dispute resolution program in 2008. The National Arbitration Forum is approved by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to provide domain name dispute resolution services under policies like the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).“The world of domain name extensions is constantly expanding, putting trademark holders around the world on high alert and creating challenges for new potential registries,” said Kristine Dorrain, National Arbitration Forum Internet Legal Counsel. “The National Arbitration Forum offers solutions to protect intellectual property rights before or after domain name extensions go live.”Cases filed with the National Arbitration Forum are heard and decided by Dispute Resolution Panelists who are primarily intellectual property lawyers with specialized domain name, trademark, copyright, and/or e-commerce experience. Panelists are located around the world and can conduct proceedings in several languages including Dutch, English, French, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Korean.The following data pertains to the National Arbitration Forum domain name dispute resolution program in 2008 (January 1 to December 31, 2008):•    In total, there were 1,770 cases filed.•    Nearly all cases filed (98%) involved UDRP domain names, like .com and .org; the rest involved usDRP domain names with the .us extension.•    Panelists heard and decided 1,477 cases; parties worked together to settle many of the rest.•    By the end of 2008, over 10,600 disputes were filed with the National Arbitration Forum.•    Panelists resolved 9,470 of those cases, while the parties settled many of the rest.Notable 2008 decisions involved trademarks such as American Girl, Anheuser-Busch, Canadian Television, Patrick Dempsey, We The People LLC, and YouTube. National Arbitration Forum domain name dispute proceedings and decisions are available online in a searchable case database.To file a claim see or contact domaindispute[at] To inquire about generic top-level domain (gTLD) start-up or sunrise services and offerings, contact Internet Legal Counsel Kristine Dorrain at For media inquiries, contact Christina Doucet at 952-516-6486 or media[at] the National Arbitration Forum (FORUM)An international leader in arbitration and mediation services, the National Arbitration Forum is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The National Arbitration Forum was appointed an approved provider of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in 1999. Since then, over 12,000 domain name disputes have been filed worldwide through the National Arbitration Forum’s streamlined, online case management system. For more information, visit

Server Virtualization Best Practices Illustrated in Evolving Solutions Data Center Leaders Interview Series

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Insight revealed by Dan Kusnetzky, ZDNet blogger and founding partner of Kusnetzky group, ensures companies new to virtualization avoid mistakes commonly made when implementing any new IT solutionMinneapolis, MN March 9, 2009 — — Evolving Solutions, a leading server virtualization and storage consolidation solution provider, is offering critical insight to companies who have either just implemented or are planning to implement server virtualization.  Absorbing this insight ensures companies are both aware of mistakes that could be made when employing server virtualization and how best to avoid them.”Data Center Leaders: Server Virtualization Best Practices With Dan Kusnetzky” posts a recent discussion between Kusnetzky and Judie Van Keulen, Evolving Solutions’ head blogger.  In the interview, Van Keulen seeks to paint server virtualization in an accurate light to companies who may tend to view it as an out-of-the-box cure-all for every IT related business woe.“Server virtualization, deservedly so, is gaining mainstream awareness in the business community as a component of viable IT strategy, particularly as it relates to data center cost avoidance,” states Van Keulen.  “With this awareness, however, come misconceptions about what server virtualization can or cannot provide. The purpose of my discussion with Kusnetzky was to ensure our readers have the most accurate view of this powerful IT solution.”Kusnetzky is a founding partner with the Kusnetzky Group and posts on virtualization related topics regularly to ZDNet’s Virtually Speaking.  Having been involved with information technology since the late 1970s, Kusnetzky has long been on the forefront of new IT solutions.  In his former role as vice president for IDC’s System Software, Kusnetzky was responsible for research and analysis on the worldwide market for operating environments and virtualization software.“Whoa, big fella (or lovely lady in the case of a female executive), what is your overall plan to deploy virtualization technology and how does that fit into your overall IT plan?” Kusnetzky offered as an opening remark aimed at those companies who have just implemented server virtualization.In response, Van Keulen asked Kusnetzky to highlight the mistakes he has witnessed companies making after implementing server virtualization.Kusnetzky answered in kind:“I’m often surprised that executives who have grabbed onto virtual machine technology as a panacea don’t have a clear understanding of the following:•    What applications and application components are running on what physical and/or virtual machines?•    How do these components relate to both the network and storage infrastructure?•    Who is responsible for managing each component, of the underlying physical machines, for the underlying network, for the underlying storage?•    Does the organization’s license management and support policies have a way to deal with easily copied virtual machines that could, in the end, be updated at different rates?•    Have failure scenarios been explored and plans been created to address what happens if a physical machine, a disk or a network router fail?One clear message to remember is something Alan Lakein once said, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’”“The key insight offered by Kusnetzky is that server virtualization, as a solution, should fit into a company’s overall IT plan, rather than be the plan itself,” states Van Keulen.  “While this insight was offered in regards to virtualization, it is insight that should be leveraged when implementing any new IT solution.”Evolving Solutions’ complete interview with Kusnetzky Group founding partner and ZDNet blogger, Dan Kusnetzky, may be found on Evolving Solutions’ Evolving IT blog. Evolving SolutionsEvolving Solutions architects and implements IT solutions that assist businesses in the utilization of technology to help achieve corporate goals. Specializing in server and storage virtualization, server and storage consolidation, Tivoli Storage Manager Software implementation, disaster recovery and business continuity planning and implementation; Evolving Solutions is an IBM 2008 Beacon Award Winner. For more information about Evolving Solutions, call 800-294-4362 or visit their website at

Paperless Workflow Monitor From Metafile Enables Chief Financial Officers Ability To Make Real-Time Improvements to Fiscal Strategy

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

CFO’s and finance managers remain updated regarding every crucial financial detail within their companiesRochester, MN February 19, 2009 — – Metafile, a Minnesota-based content management firm dedicated to providing financial innovations via paperless financial automation solution MetaViewer, has debuted the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor.  Designed as an advanced information management solution, The MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor provides CFO’s consistent, real-time updates regarding the state of their companies financial processes.It is crucial for CFO’s, whose primary responsibility is to ensure the fiscal well-being of their company, to be updated consistently on each detail that makes up the big financial picture of their company.  Details necessary for the CFO to monitor include everything from invoices approaching deadline to processes that may be stalled in workflow.  Because of a CFO’s overwhelming need for information, they often find themselves overly reliant on paper-based reports.“Like a virtual desktop dashboard, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor provides paperless reports regarding a company’s critical financial workings,” states Jim Mandt VP of Technical Services for Metafile.  “Much like the gauges of an engine provides instant feedback on engine performance, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor provides instant full visibility for all financial processes.”With its color coded alerts detailing a company’s complete financial picture, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor enables CFO’s to dynamically adjust their company’s fiscal strategy based on the most current information available.Specific benefits of the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor include:•    Effortless identification of invoices approaching deadline or stalls in financial processes•    Customized alerts enabling CFO’s to match their dashboard to their company’s specific reporting metrics and processes•    Instant drill down to specific documents associated with the alerts•    Viewing of vital information from a SharePoint Desktop or via the internet“By monitoring and reporting on information from every department and every source, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor ensures CFO’s are no longer forced to spend valuable time digging through reports or consulting with subordinates to uncover the current financial picture of their company,” continues Mandt.  “By providing a real-time view of critical financial processes, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor can help ensure a more efficient CFO and a more efficient company overall.”More information on Metafile’s MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor is available by visiting Metafile’s dedicated MetaViewer website.About MetafileMetafile Information Systems, Inc. provides paperless workflow automation solutions via its customizable content management solution MetaViewer. A privately held software development and integration firm, Metafile has helped the financial departments of companies such as Winn Dixie, Gate Petroleum, Wellborn Cabinet and Allied Beverage streamline accounts payable and accounts receivable processes for over 25 years. More information on Metafile and MetaViewer may be found online at

Paperless Automation Solution From Metafile Enables Chief Financial Officers To Instantly Analyze Fiscal Direction Of Companies

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Green IT&Energy Efficient Data Centers Equal Cost Avoidance For Businesses, Per Evolving Solutions Data Center Leaders Interview Series

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

‘Data Center Leaders’ blog interview series shares insight from Microsoft’s Toby Velte, PhD, regarding the bottom-line benefits of green IT practices for businessesMinneapolis, MN February 18, 2009 — — Evolving Solutions, a leading business continuity and data disaster recovery solution provider, is alerting businesses to the benefits of green IT and energy efficient data centers, by sharing insight from Microsoft’s Toby Velte, PhD, in its “Data Center Leaders” blog interview series.”Data Center Leaders: Green IT Equals Data Center Cost Avoidance With Toby Velte, PhD” represents a recent conversation between Velte and Evolving Solutions’ head blogger Judie Van Keulen.  In the interview, VanKeulen looks to Velte to help shatter stereotypes regarding the green movement by focusing on how the power and cost savings benefits of these practices directly contribute to a company’s bottom-line.Velte, a Global Technology Strategist with Microsoft, is a passionate advocate for green IT practices, having co-authored the book “Green IT: Reduce Your Information System’s Environmental Impact While Adding to the Bottom Line.”  To best position green IT against an almost inevitable backlash, Velte ensures any discussion on this topic focuses on a business’s bottom-line.”Green IT and energy efficient data centers represent significant cost savings potential for businesses by dramatically reducing a company’s power needs.  Unfortunately, green IT practices also carry with them the ‘fad’ label for many businesses,” states Van Keulen.  “One of the main questions I had for Velte was how best green IT can be sold as a legitimate business strategy, in the face of it being seen by many as a passing business whim.”Velte answered in kind:“By way of an oversimplification, organizations can look at green IT projects through two lenses:•    Being driven by corporate responsibility or altruism•    Like any other IT project, in terms of the pressures of capitalism“I try to cast each green IT project through the latter.  If we can’t produce the most fantastic ROI for these projects they will ultimately not be funded and carried out and I want (like others who appreciate the environment) to get these projects funded and completed.”Velte also revealed that by taking advantage of the power savings associated with green IT practices, many companies will experience even greater cost savings by eliminating the need to build new data centers.  The main beneficial factor behind a company’s ability to hold off building new data centers is the marked increase in efficiency green IT practices bring to current data centers.“While the need for more storage and speed are omnipresent, power is no longer cheap and ubiquitous,” concludes Velte.  “Using green techniques, the enormous cost associated with building a new data center can be deferred for years or eliminated altogether.”Evolving Solutions’ complete interview with Microsoft’s Toby Velte, PhD, may be found on Evolving Solutions’ Evolving IT blog. Evolving SolutionsEvolving Solutions architects and implements IT solutions that assist businesses in the utilization of technology to help achieve corporate goals. Specializing in server and storage virtualization, server and storage consolidation, Tivoli Storage Manager Software implementation, disaster recovery and business continuity planning and implementation; Evolving Solutions is an IBM 2008 Beacon Award Winner. For more information about Evolving Solutions, call 800-294-4362 or visit their website at

Chief Now Offers a New Category of Power Management Products

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

The accessories provide discrete, high-performance power conditioning plus surge protection all in one SKU for suspended ceiling and in-wall applications.Minneapolis, MN, USA — (February 2009) – – Chief Manufacturing, the industry leader in projector, monitor and flat panel TV mounting solutions, as well as progressive online tools, is excited to announce that a new line of Power Management Products is now shipping!Chief now offers high-performance power conditioning and surge protection built into accessories used for installing projectors and flat panels. This unique design integrates the power conditioner with the outlet for improved audio and video performance while seamlessly integrating with your installation. Chief also saves valuable installation time by preassembling the outlet and electrical box to ensure protection for all of your audio/visual equipment.Choose from a variety of power-infused products that now include a Power Outlet Conditioner, including the CMS440P™ Suspended Ceiling Kit, the CMS445P™ Suspended Ceiling Tile Replacement Kit and the PAC521P™ In-Wall Box for flat panel TV wall mount applications. The ceiling kit and in-wall box accessories replace the need for an outlet while providing AC cleaning for the best equipment performance.Chief also offers the power conditioner as a separate SKU, the PX2W™ Power Outlet Conditioner. The PX2W can be ordered separately and be used with existing CMS440 and CMS445 installations, or installed in the wall like a standard electrical outlet.Chief will also add a new power accessory to the lineup in March 2009. The In-wall Power Extension System for flat panel TV installations installs behind the flat panel, and connects remotely to an outlet or power conditioner. More information coming soon!About Chief Chief Manufacturing is a division of Milestone AV Technologies, a Duchossois Group Company, and has more than 30 years of proven product and service excellence. Committed to responding to industry needs in the Pro AV, Residential and Office markets, Chief offers a complete line of mounts, lifts and accessories for flat panel displays and projectors.Chief continues to design innovative mounting solutions that complement the technology they support. With multiple product awards and patented designs, Chief provides unique mount features, and is recognized for delivering not only quality products, but knowledgeable, helpful customer service.U.S. and Europe sales offices support a global network spanning the Americas, Europe, the Pacific Rim and beyond. Chief distribution centers are located in Minnesota, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands.

Ecumen Helping Churches Realize Senior Housing Opportunities in an Aging America

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Lutheran senior housing partnership provides model for expanding ministries and revenues Sandpoint, Idaho  (February 10, 2009) — – Churches, such as First Lutheran Church in Sandpoint, Idaho, and their senior housing development partner Ecumen, see aging as an opportunity to help people live better and expand ministries.  The two recently collaborated on Luther Park at Sandpoint, a new senior housing community that opened in December 2008.“We saw a greater purpose for the vacant land adjacent to our church than simply selling it to the highest bidder,” said Pastor Olson.  “We wanted to build upon the Great Commandment of loving your neighbor as yourself and the Great Commission of spreading Jesus’ word and work.  That led to our congregational vision of creating this community that will keep seniors vitally engaged in our church, will nurture multi-generational relationships, and will help us realize new revenue streams that will support and help us to expand our ministry.”Ecumen, affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and one of the country’s largest non-profit senior housing, services and development companies, led development of Luther Park of Sandpoint and now manages it for First Lutheran Church, which owns Luther Park.In addition to being physically connected to the church, Luther Park of Sandpoint provides a range of housing and service options from independent living to assisted living and specialized memory care all at one location, lessening the need for a person to move when he or she needs more services. With Ecumen’s catered living service, residents purchase services a la carte as they want or need them rather than purchasing one-size-fits-all packages.“For churches that own vacant land, senior housing can be a very rewarding use of that space,” said Steve Ordahl, senior vice president of business development at Ecumen.  “Quality senior housing greatly expands a sense of community by fostering purpose and service to others, and it can bring new members into the church and its ministry.”“Our society for too long has shelved seniors,” said Pastor Olson.  “We wanted nothing to do with that.  Luther Park at Sandpoint honors the wisdom and experience of elders while emphasizing aging is all about living.”Luther Park features Great Western lodge-style architecture on three floors.  It abounds with local touches, such as a grand fireplace featuring area stone, timber archways, and branding irons from area ranches incorporated into the stair railings.  Luther Park has 60 one- and two-bedroom apartments.  It features yoga, massage, art classes, and, of course, church services are just a short jaunt through the interconnected walkway to First Lutheran Church.  Luther Park also features a memory care neighborhood featuring 27 apartments.Luther Park, like other Ecumen communities, features QuietCare technology from GE Heathcare.  Ecumen was one of the country’s first senior housing and service providers to use the proactive technology that helps identify small health conditions early and helps people maintain independence.“Our focus in creating this community is to empower people and give them as much control as possible over their choices, even when they need more assistive services,”  said Ordahl.  “Aging is all about living, and churches can be a wonderful partner in ensuring that is the case for many more people in the U.S.”About EcumenEcumen ( is based in Shoreview, Minn., and is one of the largest non-profit senior housing companies in the United States. The name Ecumen comes from the word ecumenical, which in turn is derived from the Greek word for home: “Oikos.” Ecumen works to create “home” for older adults wherever they choose to live. Ecumen is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and has 4,000 team members.###

Data Center Cost Reduction and Green IT Discussed On Evolving Solutions’ “Data Center Leaders” Blog Series

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Insight shared from FOCUS Consulting President Barb Goldworm offers tips on how businesses can reduce IT costs, in part, with green strategiesMinneapolis, MN February 10, 2009 — Evolving Solutions (  leader in data center cost avoidance and disaster recovery announces its second interview in the “Data Center Leaders” interview series.In the “Data Center Leaders: Data Center Cost Avoidance With Barb Goldworm,” posted this month, finds Evolving Solutions’ head blogger Judie Van Keulen sitting down with FOCUS President and Chief Analyst, Barb Goldworm.Evolving Solutions’ goal in interviewing Goldworm was to understand what strategies could be used to include moving towards green IT and implementing server virtualization as potential avenues for data center cost avoidance.Goldworm is the author of “Blade Servers and Virtualization: Transforming Enterprise Computing While Cutting Costs,” and has over 30 years in the data systems and storage arena. She is a frequent speaker at industry events and has been ranked as one of the top expert speakers at events such as Storage Networking World, Data Center Decisions and many others. She also chairs the virtualization tracks at Interop, and Blade Systems Insight, and is a frequent judge for virtualization solutions at industry events such as VMworld.”Evolving Solutions wants to offer existing and potential clients information that will not only educate them on the services that we offer, but the latest and greatest technology and options available to ensure success in their company,” states Van Keulen. “Goldworm’s insight into data center cost avoidance will help guide our clients and prospective clients to making informative decisions regarding their business’s success and growth.”Goldworm’s advice to companies wanting to learn new strategies in reducing data center costs includes:•    Virtualization of entire infrastructure which can reduce space, power, cooling, hardware, maintenance and management costs.•    Blade systems which can increase efficiencies in power and cooling, as well as reducing space and decreasing cabling costs.•    Green Computing which can contribute to major cost reduction in power and cooling costs.According to Goldworm, “Green IT has huge financial benefits, but often the benefits fall into the facilities budget. The costs fall in the IT budget. Success comes when the two organizations work together at the upper management level and see the overall benefit to the corporation. In a way, green IT is a great way to fund the move to a new virtual infrastructure running on new and improved modular hardware.”Evolving Solutions interview with FOCUS’ Barb Goldworm may be found by visiting the “Data Center Leaders” section of Evolving Solutions Evolving IT blog at Evolving SolutionsEvolving Solutions architects and implements IT solutions that assist businesses in the utilization of technology to help achieve corporate goals. Specializing in server and storage Virtualization, server and storage consolidation, Tivoli Storage Manager software implementation, disaster recovery and Business Continuity planning and implementation; Evolving Solutions is an IBM 2008 Beacon Award Winner. For more information about Evolving Solutions, call 800-294-4362 or visit their website at

Chapeau Blog Awards is Happy to Work with Santa to Grant Bloggers'Holiday Wishes

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Along with Santa, Chapeau Blog Awards Offers 2,000 Dollars for 2009 Most Brilliant BlogMinneapolis, MN – December 24, 2008- – Chapeau Blog Awards and Santa have been working closely this year to check – and double check – bloggers’ holiday wish lists.This year it seems that top of most bloggers’ holiday lists is a blog awards program which:1 – honors brilliant blogs2 – offers a Grand Prize, and3 – is affordable!Santa’s eyes did twinkle when the elves presented their ideas for deserving bloggers this year.Chapeau Blog Awards and Santa are proud to deliver the following gifts:•  $2,000 for the Most Brilliant Blog•  An iPod Touch to the top 4 Honorable Mention Blogs•  A significantly reduced Chapeau Blog Award entry feeNow $50.00“For goodness sake, bloggers certainly have been good this year, and with nearly 23 million bloggers according to Technorati, Santa certainly has his hands full,” said Susan Misukanis, Director of Chapeau Blog Awards. “Chapeau Blog Awards is excited to be an honorary elf this year when we deliver a $2,000 award to the 2009 Most Brilliant Blog.”Take advantage of the reduced entry fee and win thousands of dollars with Chapeau Blog Awards today! Final entry for Chapeau Blog Awards ends January 30th.About Chapeau Blog Awards:Chapeau Blog Awards is an awards contest that tips its chapeaus to honor bloggers worldwide who devote their time and knowledge to inform, entertain and challenge their readers.  Those involved in the Chapeau Blog Awards are not involved in the final selection of winners. Rather than assembling an antiquated academy of high profile ‘Noggers’ – Non-bloggers – to determine which blog is best, Chapeau Blog Awards does what bloggers do. They ask for the opinion of the public sphere of blog readers. By asking blog readers to judge the Chapeau Blog Awards, entrants can be assured of a meaningful award as selected by their most important audience; blog readers themselves. Chapeau Blog Awards is the creator of BlogOh!Pedia an online encyclopedia of blogging terms and Blog Review an online review of blogs from around the world.E-mail Chapeau Blog Awards at only way to be considered for a Chapeau Blog Award is to enter your blog today.

Self Healing Data Storage Consolidation Solution Offered by Evolving Solutions Quickly Recovers Mission Critical Data

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

IBM XIV Able To Regenerate Data Loss Due To Disk FailureMinneapolis, MN- December 9, 2008 — — Evolving Solutions, a leading server virtualization and storage consolidation provider, is one of ten Certified IBM Business Partners in the United States to offer IBM’s XIV, a self healing data storage consolidation solution. IBM’s XIV is able to repair and restore data loss due to disk failure within approximately thirty minutes, versus the hours or days needed by alternative solutions.Evolving Solutions is offering IBM XIV immediately for client demonstrations in its Business Partner Innovation Center (BPIC).“It is essential to have a system that can effectively store, consolidate and protect mission critical data,” stated Jaime Gmach, President of Evolving Solutions. “We have seen a need for IBM’s XIV Storage Consolidation System as high volumes of data are outpacing an IT department’s ability to store and manage the data by traditional means. By the introduction of the XIV, IBM is providing another option for businesses to store and protect their data.”DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems, leading analyst in disaster r,ecovery estimates disk failure accounts for 38 percent of data loss incidents in businesses across the United States each year. Disk failure for these companies results in data loss that can derail large, costly projects.As business controls and compliance concerns drive the increase of information risk management and zero tolerance for data loss, IBM’s XIV provides continual data protection capabilities resulting in a better level of assurance for IT departments.The speed of data access in a recovery scenario and the deep application protection it provides, makes IBM’s XIV Storage Consolidation System an excellent choice to address growing data needs, improving application availability and reducing data loss for businesses of any size.“IBM’s XIV is a game changing data storage solution,” stated Mike Keeler, Senior Storage Consultant, Evolving Solutions.”The architecture overcomes traditional storage challenges from other manufacturers. We are seeing tremendous customer interest in this technology.”If you would like to schedule a demonstration of the XIV Storage System at Evolving Solutions, please call Mike Keeler at 763-516-6555 ext. 542About Evolving SolutionsEvolving Solutions architects and implements IT solutions that assist businesses in the utilization of technology to help achieve corporate goals. Specializing in server and storage virtualization, server and storage consolidation, Tivoli Storage Manager Software implementation, disaster recovery and business continuity planning and implementation, Evolving Solutions is an IBM 2008 Beacon Award Winner. For more information about Evolving Solutions, call 800-294-4362 or visit their website at

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