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Accounts Payable Departments Discover How to Offset Effects of Current Economic Crisis in New Report Co-Sponsored by Metafile

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

“The CFO’s View of Accounts Payable: Cash is King” available for complimentary download this weekRochester, MN March 24, 2009 — – Metafile, a Minnesota-based content management firm dedicated to providing paperless financial innovations, is helping detail how accounts payable (AP) departments can help offset the adverse effects the current economic crisis is having on companies by implementing best practices in cash management.”The CFO’s View of Accounts Payable: Cash is King,” an Aberdeen Group benchmark study report, details how the unique position of accounts payable department’s cash management practices can benefit their company as a whole.“Best cash management practices include everything from extending Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) to capturing early payment and volume discounts,” states the report.  “If properly automated, the typical accounts payable department is uniquely positioned to oversee and integrate these tactics.”In total, The Aberdeen Group’s study evaluated 160 enterprises.  The enterprises deemed as best in class based on the overall cost experienced in processing single invoices reported marked similarities in accounts payable processes:•    62% leveraged online or web-based reporting tools•    69% possessed enterprise- level visibility in account payable processes“As detailed in the report, more companies are establishing best in class status by syncing accounts payable objectives with company objectives and integrating the use of online reporting tools,” states Jim Mandt, Metafile’s Vice President of Technical Support.  “Automation designed to offer support and visibility in these areas is a key factor we’ve witnessed in successful AP departments.”Specific recommendations offered by The Aberdeen Group to companies hoping to experience the economic benefits afforded by best practices in cash management include:•    Moving towards a fully automated and paperless financial environment•    Establishing links between your AP department and overall business goals•    Developing cash disbursement strategies designed to optimize working capital“We are pleased to have supported The Aberdeen Group’s latest report,” concludes Mandt.  “It is our hope that by implementing best practices detailed by The Aberdeen Group, companies can move into best in class status and avoid or at least offset the adverse effects inherent in today’s economic climate.”A complimentary copy of the report “The CFO’s View of Accounts Payable: Cash is King” is available courtesy of Metafile.About MetafileMetafile Information Systems, Inc., provides paperless workflow automation solutions via its customizable content management solution MetaViewer. A privately held software development and integration firm, Metafile has helped the financial departments of companies such as Winn Dixie, Gate Petroleum, Wellborn Cabinet and Allied Beverage streamline accounts payable and accounts receivable processes for over 25 years. More information on Metafile and MetaViewer may be found online at Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks CompanyAberdeen is a leading provider of fact-based research and market intelligence that delivers demonstrable results. Having benchmarked more than 30,000 companies in the past two years, Aberdeen is uniquely positioned to educate users to action: driving market awareness, creating demand, enabling sales, and delivering meaningful return-on-investment analysis. As the trusted advisor to the global technology markets, corporations turn to Aberdeen™ for insights that drive decisions.As a Harte-Hanks Company, Aberdeen plays the key role of putting content in context for the global direct and targeted marketing company. Aberdeen’s analytical and independent view of the “customer optimization” process of Harte-Hanks (Information – Opportunity – Insight – Engagement – Interaction) extends the client value and accentuates the strategic role Harte-Hanks brings to the market. For additional information, visit Aberdeen or call (617) 723-7890. To learn more about Harte-Hanks, call (800) 456-9748 or go to

Paperless Workflow Monitor From Metafile Enables Chief Financial Officers Ability To Make Real-Time Improvements to Fiscal Strategy

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

CFO’s and finance managers remain updated regarding every crucial financial detail within their companiesRochester, MN February 19, 2009 — – Metafile, a Minnesota-based content management firm dedicated to providing financial innovations via paperless financial automation solution MetaViewer, has debuted the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor.  Designed as an advanced information management solution, The MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor provides CFO’s consistent, real-time updates regarding the state of their companies financial processes.It is crucial for CFO’s, whose primary responsibility is to ensure the fiscal well-being of their company, to be updated consistently on each detail that makes up the big financial picture of their company.  Details necessary for the CFO to monitor include everything from invoices approaching deadline to processes that may be stalled in workflow.  Because of a CFO’s overwhelming need for information, they often find themselves overly reliant on paper-based reports.“Like a virtual desktop dashboard, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor provides paperless reports regarding a company’s critical financial workings,” states Jim Mandt VP of Technical Services for Metafile.  “Much like the gauges of an engine provides instant feedback on engine performance, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor provides instant full visibility for all financial processes.”With its color coded alerts detailing a company’s complete financial picture, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor enables CFO’s to dynamically adjust their company’s fiscal strategy based on the most current information available.Specific benefits of the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor include:•    Effortless identification of invoices approaching deadline or stalls in financial processes•    Customized alerts enabling CFO’s to match their dashboard to their company’s specific reporting metrics and processes•    Instant drill down to specific documents associated with the alerts•    Viewing of vital information from a SharePoint Desktop or via the internet“By monitoring and reporting on information from every department and every source, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor ensures CFO’s are no longer forced to spend valuable time digging through reports or consulting with subordinates to uncover the current financial picture of their company,” continues Mandt.  “By providing a real-time view of critical financial processes, the MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor can help ensure a more efficient CFO and a more efficient company overall.”More information on Metafile’s MetaViewer Document and Workflow Monitor is available by visiting Metafile’s dedicated MetaViewer website.About MetafileMetafile Information Systems, Inc. provides paperless workflow automation solutions via its customizable content management solution MetaViewer. A privately held software development and integration firm, Metafile has helped the financial departments of companies such as Winn Dixie, Gate Petroleum, Wellborn Cabinet and Allied Beverage streamline accounts payable and accounts receivable processes for over 25 years. More information on Metafile and MetaViewer may be found online at

Paperless Automation Solution From Metafile Enables Chief Financial Officers To Instantly Analyze Fiscal Direction Of Companies

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Metafile’s ResultsPlus Fundraising Software Helps Page Education Foundation Build Futures for Minnesota Youths

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Fostering Donor Relationships Help Minnesota Youths of Color Achieve College DreamsRochester, MN October 21, 2008 — — ResultsPlus, a fundraising software solution from Metafile, is enabling large and small non-profit organizations to automate nearly all mission critical fundraising activities with minimum IT involvement. Page Education Foundation, utilizes ResultsPlus to help Minnesota youth of color realize their college dreams.Page Education Foundation, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a small, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Minnesota youths of color. By fostering positive attitudes about education and offering financial assistance for college, the foundation has helped send over three thousand students to college in the past 20 years.Unfortunately, because the foundation was using an antiquated software system that did not have the ability to maintain detailed donor information, they were challenged when it came time to plan and target future fundraising initiatives.The system Page Education Foundation was using did not even have the capability to provide foundation employees specific information about donor’s interests or to record specific causes donors had contributed to in the past. Without specific donor data, requests for donations and acknowledgement letters, a critical communication which helps the foundation seek support for Minnesota youth interested in attending college, could not be customized to the letter recipients.“In the non-profit world every last bit of data is important, from donation amounts to spouse’s names and children’s birthdays,” states Mark Gerber Regional Account Manager with Metafile, creator of ResultsPlus fundraising software. “Without this key data, it is very difficult to send out customized acknowledgement letters and nearly impossible to build lasting donor relationships.”By spending an inordinate amount of time electronically tracking individual donor relationships, rather than working to better target future fundraising initiatives, Page Education Foundation started to see a decline both in donations for programs like the Page Scholarship program and in volunteerism for Service-to-Children Mentoring program.  These declines were something that Page Education Foundation and the youth of Minnesota could not afford.Page Education Foundation selected Metafile’s ResultsPlus to deploy a solution that would foster deep donor relationships and meet the needs of their fundraising goals.In working with Page Education Foundation, Metafile helped to:•effectively replace the antiquated database system•easily access specific information about donors and their families”It’s hard to believe that just over two years ago when I began working with the Page Foundation, we were developing initiatives based on so little information about our donor base,” states Carolyn Jones, Administrative Director of Page Education Foundation.  “Now, each step in our efforts is based on the type of strategy that can only be developed by taking into account as much objective data as possible.”The implementation of ResultsPlus helped Page Education Foundation not only effectively fundraise for programs and campaigns but also foster deep donor relationships that ultimately enables Minnesota’s youth of color to fulfill college dreams.To download the full Page Education Foundation Success Story please visit Metafile’s dedicated ResultsPlus site.About Metafile’s ResultsPlus:For over 25 years Metafile’s ResultsPlus has existed as the premier non-profit fundraising software providing firms like Ronald McDonald House, Benedictine Health System, and Habitat for Humanity the tools necessary to readily achieve their missions. Metafile, located in Rochester, MN, provides solutions to firms worldwide. For more information on Metafile’s ResultsPlus and an archive of client success stories, please visit www.resultsplussoftware.comAbout Page Education Foundation:Page Education Foundation was created in 1988 with a simple but innovative idea—enticing young people of color to positively influence younger children by offering mentoring and financial assistance for college in exchange for their volunteer service. Please visit for more information on Page Education Foundation.###

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