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Blogging As A PR Tool

Posted by Media Relations on Tuesday, January 31st, 2006 - Comments »

There have been many articles written about how the blogosphere is impacting public relations. Indeed, bloggers are finding that they are being pitched news and stories because, now, the blog is another arena in which to build brand visibility.

Along with the growth of the blog as a target media outlet comes the fear that blogs can create too much negative PR.

I would diasgree. Yes, the blog is a forum in which any opinion can be voiced, but for this reason, the blog can be a very powerful sales tool.

We all recognize customer testimonials as a great way of marketing to our prospects, as these testimonials build our credibility. Now, imagine those testimonials completely unsolicited and visible online. They are no longer a direct marketing sales tool; they are personal recommendations from one blogger to another.

If your company is responsible for selling a product that is less than par, or a service that leaves a lot to be desired, the best thing you can do is work to improve that product or service.

Remember, PR is not about lying, it is about communicating the merits of a company, product or service. Negative PR is based on a reality.

And if you are still worried about your company being bad-mouthed in the blogosphere, why not create a blog of your own on your website? This would show your customers and prospects how committed you are to offering high quality customer service. The good comments posted by your customers would serve as positive testimonials and the bad comments would at least provide you with the opportunity to address the issues directly yourself.

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