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Bah Humbug to Anti-Christmas Marketing Scrooge

Posted by Media Relations on Wednesday, November 16th, 2005 - Comments »

Leading supermarket chains Target, Walmart & Costco, all announced today that they will not be using the phrase “Merry Christmas” in their advertising.

What is wrong with including “season’s greetings” alternatives, such as “Happy Holidays” and “Happy Hanukkah”, in order to avoid offending non-Christians? The drive towards omitting “Merry Christmas” altogether, I think, is a clear demonstration of the anti-Christian mood that is currently moving through the US.

What these people seem to forget is that while the Christmas Holidays are based on Christian origins, there are many non-Christians that celebrate the festivities of Christmas and exchange gifts, and do not think twice about calling it Christmas. The term “Christmas” is a part of our culture and our heritage; it need not be, and for many is not, a religious holiday.

This latest attack on using “Christmas” terminology is just another excuse to protest against Christiannity.

Isn’t it ironic that today’s society, that is so adament about equal rights, is completely bent on diminishing Christiannity? So much so, that Christiannity is demoted to a level far below the “politically correct” equality that is being so strongly advocated.

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