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500 Writers & Editors Reveal What They Look for in a Pitch

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Pitching Journalists

If you’ve ever wondered what reporters and journalists look for in a pitch, here’s a very useful presentation from BuzzStream based on a survey of over 500 writers and editors.

Some of the key survey takeaways on how to be more effective pitching  journalists and editors:

Although most writers publish one story per day, 44% of them get pitched a minimum of twenty times per day.

70% of publishers prefer pitches that involve collaboration versus a finished asset.

The types of content journalists desire most in a pitch:

  • 19% articles
  • 13% infographics
  • 12% mixed media pieces
  • 11% data visualizations
  • 11% images
  • 11% videos
  • 7% interactive maps
  • 5% press releases
  • 5% interactive projects
  • 4% quizzes
  • 1% flipbooks

64% of journalists say it’s at least moderately important to establish a personal connection before pitching

81% of journalists prefer to be pitched via email, 69% in the morning

88%% of writers prefer a pitch to be 200 words or less

85% of writers open an email based on the subject line Format for the perfect pitch subject line:

Direct, Concise, Descriptive, Keywords related to writer’s beat

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