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Social Media as a Recruiting Strategy, Written by Richard Nacht, CEO of Career Connection Network, Provides Direction on How to Recruit Top Tier Professionals

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Career Connection Network CEO to Publish Book Social Media as a Recruiting Strategy; Winning the War for Passive TalentPrinceton Junction, NJ – March 20, 2008 – – The forthcoming book Social Media as a Recruiting Strategy written by Career Connection Network CEO, Richard Nacht, provides guidance on winning the war for passive talent.McKinsey, The Organizational Challenges of Global Trends, reported in December of 2007 that fifty percent of business leaders expect that intensified competition for recruiting talent will have a major effect on their companies over the next five years.“No other global trend was considered nearly as important” said Nacht quoting the report.McKinsey first reported on its War for Talent research ten years ago and it notes in the current report that the problem remains acute – and if anything it has become worse.At the same time, 2008 has been deemed the year of Social Media. Social media is already considered a highly valued source by the recruiting industry, but the industry has not yet widely implemented social media for successful recruiting. Nacht’s Career Connection Network, a division of Blogging Systems, is at the forefront of providing Fortune 500 companies with online solutions to social media implementation for recruiting purposes.The book, Social Media as a Recruiting Strategy, to be issued later this year by publisher Wiley, addresses the challenges faced by Fortune 500 companies in trying to recruit top tier talent. Social Media as a Recruiting Strategy provides tools to help companies:• Reach out to top tier passive talent• Stay engaged using social media and social networks• Recruit and hire top tier professionals“Social media and social networking will be essential to successful recruiting,” said Nacht. “Social Media as a Recruiting Strategy will provide the information companies need to know to stay ahead of the hiring curve.”About Richard NachtRichard Nacht is the founder and CEO of Blogging Systems Group. Richard has twenty-five years in the marketing, finance, and technology development industries. Richard is also the creator of the Career Connection Network (CCN). CCN is a web-based recruiting solution that leverages the social networking phenomenon to enable corporate customers to build relationships with and recruit top tier “passive talent” professionals. CCN partners with major Fortune 500 brands to build focused, niche career online communities where like minded professionals can communicate, collaborate, share information, learn how to advance their careers and enjoy a sense of community.About Blogging SystemsBlogging Systems is a leader in the rapidly growing social internet, social media and social networking industries. BSG delivers a technology platform which produces a high results tool for effective communication and collaboration. The BSG social internet platform can be used for competitive marketing, sales, recruiting, branding, customer relations, and other benefits. BSG clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Wachovia, Toyota, and Microsoft.

Obama's Bad Bump (and how we can learn from it)

Monday, March 10th, 2008

By Kevin Sawyer – Media Relations Specialist

By all accounts, Barack Obama had the Democratic presidential nomination in the bag two weeks ago. All he had to do was come close in states like Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania, and coast to Denver this summer. But his campaign made a serious miscue. While floundering in Ohio, Obama’s campaign challenged Hillary Clinton to quit if SHE lost in Ohio. Big mistake…

It used to be that success in American politics consisted of a series of turning points. The Lincoln-Douglas debates, Fireside chats, and the “Checkers” speech all consisted of a politician seizing a moment to elevate his cause. Nobody saw them coming, and nothing was the same after.

Today, if a prominent politician schedules a major event, news venues will analyze the speech from every angle before it has been drafted. Social networking sites will come to a consensus about what he or she should say, and the politician will speak against the backdrop of a plethora of expectations, against which even the most successful speech has the potential to fail. Many will watch the speech on YouTube days later, reading and contributing comments as they watch.

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