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The Contributed Article: Friend Or Foe?

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Trade publications are becoming more and more dependent on contributed articles from industry experts.

I have found that pitching an interview with an expert to discuss a particular trend or concept is not as attractive to the Media as it used to be. Indeed, trade publications are still interested in these topics but prefer to receive them via a contributed article rather than an interview.

While contributing an article is a great way to get a large media placement and stay in control of the representation of your company, most executives do not have the time to be churning our 2,500-word articles every few weeks. Even more so, when publications request exclusives and articles cannot be submitted to more than one publication.

The constraint on the client’s valuable time is a dilemma for PR professionals. While wanting to achieve as much media coverage as possible for the client, it is important to keep the client load as light as possible.

PR agencies that deal with trade publications on a regular basis are finding that they must add an in-house writer to their team to be able to ghost write contributed articles on behalf of their clients. In many cases, the PR practitioner is playing the role of the journalist by interviewing the client and producing the end article.

Christmas Trees Versus Holiday Trees

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Christmas is being attacked yet again and this time it is via the traditional Christmas Tree.

Spurring this attack is a banner at a Lowe’s store in Austin, Texas. The banner was written in both English and Spanish. While the English version read “Now here, fresh cut holiday trees,” the Spanish translation read “Now here, fresh cut Christmas trees.”

The average person would not think twice about this translation, but somehow this trivial point has made the news. Please note, it is not the use of “Holiday Tree” that forms the attack on Christmas. It is the way that people are outraged by the use of Christmas in the Spanish translation. Honestly, does it really matter?

Are people really more likely to buy a tree if it is labelled “Holiday Tree” instead of “Christmas Tree”? While “Holiday Tree” is certainly more inclusive, “Christmas Tree” follows centuries of tradition. Furthermore, does a Christmas Tree cease to be a Christmas Tree just because it has a different name?

As for those that buy Holiday Trees, will they be able to find Holiday Tree Stands? I suspect the stores are still selling them under the label of Christmas Tree Stands…..

Minco Launches Online‘Heater Configurator’Pricing&Ordering Tool—Helps Customers Quickly Find The Right Heater

Monday, November 28th, 2005

Minneapolis, MN, November 28, 2005, — Minco, ( a designer and manufacturer of critical components for critical applications, today launched its online “Heater Configurator” engineering tool, designed to help customers specify, evaluate and select and order Minco Thermofoil™ and wire-wound flexible heaters online.

The Minco Heater Configurator is located on the Minco website and functions like a search engine, allowing customers to configure, price, and order Minco catalog model Thermofoil™ and wire-wound heaters by entering a heater model number or searching for heater models by dimensional value and insulation type. The Heater Configurator offers customers a more convenient and time saving method of purchasing heaters online.

“This tool will help our customers quickly find the best possible catalog heater option for prototyping and evaluation purposes”, said Brian Williams, Minco Marketing Manager. “It will also provide information about the heater, and ensure the customer knows the appropriate operating parameters of these products”.

The Minco Heater Configurator accepts the input of dimensional values, or a ThermofoilTM heater part number, and generates catalog flexible heater options in polyimide (KaptonTM), silicone rubber, Thermal-Clear™ (optically clear), integrated heater/sensor, and mica substrate. Once a specific model is selected the customer can enter supply voltage and operating temperature requirements, and choose between different resistance values and backing/adhesive options.

Evolving Solutions Deploys Server Consolidation at SISU Medical Systems—Centralizes Storage, Reduces Cost&Streamlines Overall Management

Monday, November 28th, 2005

Minneapolis, MN, November 28 2005 — Evolving Solutions, an IT Storage Architect and data on-demand expert, announced today that it has deployed a server consolidation solution at SISU Medical Systems to centralize storage and streamline overall IT management capabilities.

SISU Medical Systems, an application service provider (ASP) serving the healthcare industry, was running separate servers to perform tasks and had no centralized storage, no centralized back up and recovery, multiple brands of technology with multiple service agreements, and less- than-desired management capabilities.

“SISU engaged Evolving Solutions to deploy a solution that would help them achieve their goals of streamlined and cost effective IT management,” said Hunt Russell, Director of Business Development, Evolving Solutions.

Evolving Solutions deployed a server consolidation solution that used IBM Bladecenter via a Fiber Channel based Storage Area Network (SAN).

“Evolving Solutions’ service was very complete,” said Mark Schmidt, SISU Medical Systems, “not only did they design and implement a customized solution for our specific storage needs, but they also offered full training and support.”

Since implementing Evolving Solutions’ server consolidation solution, SISU Medical Systems has experienced the following benefits:
–    Streamlined and more cost effective IT management
–    Centralized maintenance through IBM
–    Consolidation and optimization of server usage

Pacific Security Capital Wins Two IRETO 2005 Commercial Real Estate Industry Awards

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Beaverton, OR, November 22, 2005 — Pacific Security Capital (“PSC”), a leading commercial real estate investment bank providing investment sales, advisory services, development services and capital markets services, announced today that it has received two industry awards from IRETO, a commercial real estate trade association.

Pacific Security Capital is the winner of the IRETO Client Service Award for PacificElite™, which is the commercial real estate industry’s first preferred client program. PacificElite™ is a client loyalty program designed to reward clients who place substantial amounts of transactional volume with Pacific Security Capital by providing them with an elegant selection of rewards.

“Pacific Security Capital felt that it was time that somebody in the commercial real estate industry did something more than just talk about how much they appreciate business given to them,” said Mike Myatt, Executive Managing Director, Pacific Security Capital. “This is why we pioneered the PacificElite™ program to demonstrate our gratitude to our clientele.”

Mike Myatt, Executive Managing Director of Pacific Security Capital, has also been appointed to IRETO’s President’s Circle of Top Industry Experts, which is comprised of experts who have received special recognition for their contributions to the industry.

Magnum Technologies Receives Rave Reviews for Business Service Management Software – Leading Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), Profiles ADVANTAGE 2.0

Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Magnum Technologies new ADVANTAGE® 2.0 software solution is touted as bringing superior service level management (SLM) and business service management (BSM) capabilities to IT staffs that need to link IT operations to business goals.

MINNEAPOLIS – Nov. 17, 2005 – Magnum Technologies, the leading Business Service Management (BSM) provider, today received additional confirmation, from IT research and analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) that its groundbreaking ADVANTAGE 2.0 software stands far above competing BSM software solutions.

According to EMA, ADVANTAGE 2.0 brings particularly strong operational and pragmatic strengths to the still challenging realm of Business Service Management, where most of today’s vendor solutions are often more conceptual than real.

“Enterprise executives and end-users are demanding greater reliability and accountability from their IT operations,” stated Dennis Drogseth, vice president, EMA.  “Magnum Technologies ADVANTAGE® 2.0 should be viewed as a strong contender for SLM and BSM implementations where the application and network infrastructure are important components of overall service performance, and where pragmatic implementations are key.”

Key benefits of ADVANTAGE 2.0 highlighted in a recent EMA Product Brief include:

  • Integrated Application and IT Component Monitoring
    • Enables IT personnel to gain clear insight into the business impact of IT performance

    Bah Humbug to Anti-Christmas Marketing Scrooge

    Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

    Leading supermarket chains Target, Walmart & Costco, all announced today that they will not be using the phrase “Merry Christmas” in their advertising.

    What is wrong with including “season’s greetings” alternatives, such as “Happy Holidays” and “Happy Hanukkah”, in order to avoid offending non-Christians? The drive towards omitting “Merry Christmas” altogether, I think, is a clear demonstration of the anti-Christian mood that is currently moving through the US.

    What these people seem to forget is that while the Christmas Holidays are based on Christian origins, there are many non-Christians that celebrate the festivities of Christmas and exchange gifts, and do not think twice about calling it Christmas. The term “Christmas” is a part of our culture and our heritage; it need not be, and for many is not, a religious holiday.

    This latest attack on using “Christmas” terminology is just another excuse to protest against Christiannity.

    Isn’t it ironic that today’s society, that is so adament about equal rights, is completely bent on diminishing Christiannity? So much so, that Christiannity is demoted to a level far below the “politically correct” equality that is being so strongly advocated.

    Pacific Security Capital Appoints Corine Nussmeier as Director of Global Retail Services

    Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

    Beaverton, OR, November 15, 2005 — Pacific Security Capital (“PSC”),, a leading commercial real estate investment bank, announced today that it has appointed industry veteran Corine Nussmeier as Director of its Global Retail Services practice. Ms. Nussmeier will be responsible for overseeing all of the company’s retail activities on a global basis.

    Nussmeier is a highly regarded professional within the retail community bringing more than 20 years of experience as a retail specialist to Pacific Security Capital. Ms. Nussmeier joins Pacific Security Capital from NAI Norris, Beggs and Simpson where she was perennially the top performing retail broker and had also been one of their top producing brokers overall.

    “The opportunity to be part of the PSC team gives me broader market reach and a deeper set of service offerings," said Nussmeier. "I do, however, truly appreciate the long standing relationship I have enjoyed with NAI Norris, Beggs and Simpson and hold the professionals there in the highest regard."

    “Corine is the consummate professional and we are thoroughly excited to have her join our team,” said Scott Pozzi, Managing Director of Global Real Estate Services for Pacific Security Capital. “We recruited Corine not just because she is a consistent top producer, but more so because we value the experience, vision and leadership ability she possesses.”

    Commercial Real Estate Investment Bank – Pacific Security Capital – Opens Seattle Office

    Monday, November 14th, 2005

    Portland, OR, November 14, 2005 — Pacific Security Capital (“PSC”), a leading commercial real estate investment bank providing structured finance, investment sales, advisory and capital markets services, announced today that it is expanding its commitment to the Washington commercial real estate market with the opening of a Seattle-based office.

    Pacific Security Capital has named Bernard D. Hansen as Director of the Seattle office. Mr. Hansen brings a wealth of commercial real estate experience and local market knowledge to the company.

    "The ability to have a local physical presence in the state of Washington being managed by a quality individual like Bernie Hansen is not only a win for our organization, but also for our Washington clients,” said Mike Myatt, Executive Managing Director of Pacific Security Capital.

    Mr. Hansen has held executive level and senior management positions with companies such as Citicorp Real Estate, Inc., Wells Fargo Realty Advisors, Inc., Security Properties and Continental Illinois National Bank. Mr. Hansen received a Master of Landscape Architecture from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon. Mr. Hansen is also a licensed Washington Real Estate Broker.

    The New Media Landscape

    Friday, November 11th, 2005

    I heard on the local news the other night that newspaper circulation is on the decline. No surprise there.

    The public announcement of the decline of interest in print media only serves to confirm what I have been reiterating for a while – the media landscape is evolving.

    There are still plently of people who enjoy a lazy Sunday morning drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. However, more and more computer literate and Internet savvy individuals – myself included – are choosing to read the news online.

    Indeed, the invention of the lap top means that it is possible to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning drinking coffee and clicking away on your mouse while lounging on the sofa. Not only that, there’s no chance of ending up with black fingers from leafing through the print version of the newspaper.

    I’m not really an advocate for online media over print, really I am not. I am simply aware that the demise of print media was to be expected and probably will never be reinstated to its previous grandeur.

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